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The EPA has completed a final risk evaluation for asbestos, part 1: chrysotile asbestos under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

In the final risk evaluation, EPA reviewed 32 conditions of use for chrysotile asbestos, the only form of asbestos known to be imported, processed or distributed for use in the United States, including in manufacturing, processing, distribution in commerce, occupational and consumer uses, and disposal.

In an effort to protect workers who handle products containing nanomaterials, CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training has released a pair of toolbox talks and an infographic.

Nanomaterials have at least one dimension (height, width, or length) that is smaller than 100 nanometers – thinner than a human hair.

According to the CPWR, hundreds of construction products such as cement, adhesives, and paints and coatings contain engineered nanomaterials.

When these materials are cut, sanded, or sprayed, the dust or mist produced can get into a worker’s lungs as well as cuts and cracks in the skin.

Each toolbox talk – Airborne Exposures When Working with Nano-Enabled Concrete and Right to Know About Chemical Hazards: Nanomaterials – provides guidance through a short story, key points to remember, and a graphic.

CPWR says workers can protect themselves by wearing a respirator, seeking training about nanomaterials and the products that contain them, and controlling for dust via wet methods or the use of a vacuum.