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MAY 2, 2019

For many years, the chrysotile producers and users’ community has been promoting the safe and secure use of the chrysotile fibre. Many recent scientific studies have confirmed that the use of chryso-cement products, under the current regulations, doesn’t create an unacceptable level of health risk for people, or for the environment.

In all chryso-cement products, the fibres are encapsulated and can’t be airborne. Those products are durable, high performance and available at affordable costs for emerging countries. Their use therefore allows for an increase of their population’s quality of life, in such countries where chryso-cement products constitute a key component of sanitary and drinking water infrastructures.

Through their crusade against chrysotile, the anti-asbestos lobbies ─ against all fibre types ─ end up implicitly supporting the big industrial producers of substitutes for chrysotile products and fibres. Yet, they are well aware that for too many of these products and fibres currently available haven’t so far been submitted to scientific evaluations that would assert their safety or whether their use creates risks for human health.

Big, occult interests have been feeding this noxious crusade that pictures chrysotile in a totally unfair manner when compared to potential replacement products and fibres. Such double standards policy doesn’t seem to worry people advocating the precaution principle and the famous zero risk approach when dealing with chrysotile, while remaining absolutely silent on the potential risks for human health associated with the use of substitutes.

ICA invites you to read this document which sums up the numerous advantages of chryso-cement products and the precautions used by the chrysotile industry. The most recent scientific studies clearly establish that the controlled use of chryso-cement products is as safe if not safer than those substitutes promoted by the anti-asbestos crusaders.

The methods and processes employed today in the chrysotile industry are the results of decades of the businesses and unions’ joint efforts to ensure its’ safe and responsible use. A working environment in which a level of 1/ff.c.cube or less of chrysotile type fibres is associated with a health risk level so negligible that it becomes practically non-measurable.

This is why “Science Must Prevail” and that competent authorities in various countries currently under relentless pressure from anti-asbestos crusaders must make sure they differentiate facts from myths and aren’t falling for what amounts to propaganda. The anti-asbestos crusade can be quite misleading…