DGFASLI (2004)

Directorate General Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt of India

A total of 702 employees participated in the study. Under this project, 8 asbestos industrial units were studied – 5 were manufacturing asbestos cement related products and 3 brake lining units.

Majority of the subjects were having 6-10 years exposure to asbestos process………………48 subjects were having exposure of more than 20 years. Similar trend of duration of exposure to asbestos process in workers was observed in individual units.

  • To assess the health hazard posed by exposure during the manufacture and handling of asbestos products.
  • To study the occupational health status of the workers exposed to asbestos.
  •  To study the age, duration of exposure etc. and its association with the health status of workers exposed to asbestos.
  •  To suggest suitable preventive and control measures based on the findings of the study.

As no established case of asbestosis was detected during the study, attempt was not made to correlate the duration and exposure with asbestos cases.

DFASLI report 2004